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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Creating XML Shopping Feed for an Ecommerce Product Site

Here are simple steps to make your eCommerce site Web Pages indeed by Google and other major search engines

Please note: Create your URL search engine friendly using product names, avoid stop characters

(1) Create RSS feed using

(2) Save the file as ecommerce_feed.xml (This will tell the search engine that the feed is all about ecommerce product page)

(3) Add the ecommerce_feed.xml to Google Webmaster sitemap by logging using Google account, same with yahoo site explorer

(4) Configure the XML shopping feed.xml to feed burner and it will look like

(5) Integrate the XML shopping feed with an image or a plain text link from you site so that your visitors can subscribe and comeback when they need, by this you can expect more returning visitors, another advantage is entire product pages will be indexed by major and local search engines and even feed readers / finders.

This can also be followed for large website with lots of resources, thanks for your time, keep visiting

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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Tips on SEO for Programmers

SEO is very much important for Programmers working in Web Development and Promotion Company.

This article will teach some technique and tactics for programmers.

Make Search Engine Friendly URLs by using Mod_write in php, this will look like a static page giving keywords as page names and SEO Shopping Carts should be made for eCommerce website.

Meta tag Optimization is important for SEO and it is good for programmers to know about it. This comes with some important Meta description, Keywords, robots and re-visit and a good Title.(Detail Meta tag part can be found from the below articles)

HTML Includes can be introduced for replacing JS file in asp pages for making navigation links search engine friendly. CSS Programming for drop downs list should be done to avoid java script.

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