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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Do you want to receive email when GOOGLE SPIDERS and YAHOO BOT visits your BLOG Or WEBSITE?

Use the below code code to receive email when Google spiders / Yahoo Bot your blog or website pages

$email = "";



mail($email, "The Googlebot came to call",

"Google has visited: ".$_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']);



$email = "";

if(eregi("yahoo! Slurp",$_SERVER['HTTP_USER_AGENT']))


mail($email, "The Yahoo bot came to call",

"Yahoo has visited: ".$_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']);



See When A Page Is Spidered

$the_date = "Today is ".date ("l, F d Y");
$the_time = "The time is ".date ("H:i \(O")." GMT)";
$all_date = $the_date.'
echo $all_date;

This is a typical output from the code:

Today is Wednesday, February 12 2007
The time is 12:15 (-0500 GMT)

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Saturday, August 12, 2006

Configuring Google sitemap for web page Index

Google sitemap is for suggesting information to google regarding your website like page importance and updated web pages. Do it right now and google spiders and robots will follow your suggestion through google sitemap and it will be XML Format.

Once you have created the google sitemap file, place it on your server and then visit Google Sitemaps to submit your map.

Google site map can be generated by many online free tools.You can find the tool using the keyword "Google sitemap generator" in Google search engine.

Once google sitemap XML file is created, upload to your server and then visit google site map address to submit.Google sitemap address can be found here

Login with your Google account and submit sitemap, before that you have to upload a Google verification HTML page, generated as a random number from Google.

After next spider visit you can find google indexed new updated web page.

This facility is mainly helpful for shopping and online product sale website.

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