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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Will Google Buzz help SEO's?

As we all know link building is one of the big factor for SEO and to one of my old email account I get loads of mails asking for link exchange on various industries. Btw, I have no idea how the email id has been spread out :)

Link exchange guys send their mails with information and criteria for reciprocal links. As Google buzz launched few days back, is based on a Gmail service that has a follow and unfollow system like twitter with a revolutionize in concept having an option to post comments to individual followers, showing liking to the buzz among the followers and emailing the buzz to desired people.

Through all these manner it will help link exchangers to post there reciprocal sites with information specific to their industry related followers and the work would be much more easier and sustained, compared to mass mail as of now ;)

Feel free to post your comments on how Google Buzz can be used.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Jag SEO write-ups in Google Knol Library

Jag would like to share his blog visitors about SEO write-ups in Google Knol. Jag started knolling on Mar 19, 2009 and started with a Knol " 30 SEO Tips for 30 Days" and the Knol got selected in Dummies content entry and as well the Knol was awarded as "Top Pick Knol" and "Top Viewed Knol". And to the Jag’s Knol contribution list his 2nd Knol was about " How to Improve Knol writing using SEO to Rank in First Page?” This Knol teaches about how efficiently SEO techniques and factors can be used for Knol content platform and hope the SEO Knol helped lot of authors that can be seen in the Knol comment section. And the 3rd one was written for students to learn the basic of SEO and the Knol topic is " Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 101: Students Guide - Basics". Browse though all the Knol’s written by him and share your experience.

For the knol contribution, Jag got " Top Pick Author Award" and currently ranking in 12th position. Hope to see more knols to the top list.