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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Top 10 Drupal SEO Tips and Advice

As we all know Drupal plays a big role in open source development and it is very important that Drupal site development should be search engine friendly. To make this we need to focus lots in on-page optimization for search engine readiness and the below list of tips will help you to develop search engine friendly site and spiders can crawl the site very easily without any limits

(1) Rewrite CSS and reduce code size
(2) Design layout using XHTMl and make it lighter better for SEO
(3) Creating Clean URL's, optional using .htaccess
(4) Enable Path module
(5) Configure Meta tag Module
(6) Remove content duplication by URL's with the help of robots.txt File
(7) Enable XML sitemap
(8) Add Custom breadcrumb Module
(9) Enable related links
(10) Global redirects

Once the Drupal Search engine friendly setup is done following above tips you can start with keyword optimization and link promotion

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Saturday, October 04, 2008

Writing Good Title Tag for SEO

One the most important tag in on-page optimization is the title tag, its an HTML tag that can been seen in view source of a web page. Good title tag can bring in more traffic through keyword search listings and users clicks. Title tag is very much important in SEO because it speaks all about the web page to the search engine spiders and users and title tag should be unique through out the web page

Title tag in Search engine listings:

Title tag in browser:

Title tag in Source:

Title tag has lots of importance in search engine algorithms and below points can be followed for effective titles

(1) Good title tag should be added with well-researched and optimized keywords
(2) Title should describe page content
(3) Title tag can have 3 to 4 keyword phrases
(4) All page should have unique title, else the page will look duplicate in search engine eyes
(5) Titles should be written for searchers and your visitors
(6) Don't add HTML or java scripts to Titles
(7) No Keyword stuffing in Titles

Below are some examples

X Y Z Company - SEO Company UK - Average practice

X Y Z Company SEO Company UK - Average practice

X Y Z Company: SEO Company UK - Average practice

SEO Company UK - X Y Z Company - Better practice

SEO Company UK, SEO Company, SEO UK, SEO Company in UK - X Y Z Company - Bad practice (Keyword stuffing)

SEO Company UK, SEO Consultant, Search Engine Optimisation UK - X Y Z Company, UK - Good practice

This is all about title tag, have title catchy, short and keyword based.