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Saturday, November 10, 2007

SEO Training Manual, I like to create


1. Redirection methods and theory - 301, 302, and 200 response codes
2. Basic understanding of DNS and website hosting issues and jargon.
3. Enough javascript and PHP to tweak existing code and to understand how the script is supposed to work.
4. Header and meta information standards - metatags, http-equiv, title, etc5. How server side includes work and how to troubleshoot them. Robots control methods (meta, robots.txt)

Web Design

1. Basic knowledge of HTML , XHTML and CSS
2. Knowledge of W3C compliance testing, and when you can make intelligent exceptions.
3. Knowledge of 501 Usability standards, especially related to alt attributes
4. Common standards and expectations for interface design


1. How to make a business plan
2. How to create interesting content that converts
3. How to fit keywords into content naturally and easily
4. How to measure ROI, conversions and other web metrics
5. How to implement, understand and react to website analytics reporting
6. Understand international and language issues in marketing and search

Information Retrieval Science

1. How a search engine spider operates, as well as it's limitations and abilities
2. How information is stored - compression, tokenization, indexing, etc
3. Advanced query building and special searches and commands
4. Read every Google patent, as well as search related patents by Yahoo, MS, IBM, etc
5. Understand concepts such as term vector theory, semantic co-location, etc
6. Understand and know the guidelines and issues search engines have. This is more art than science, since they are intentionally vague.
7. Understand the key elements that search engines look at while analyzing a page and why they look at them.


1. Know how to analyze a site for key factors - links, anchor text, content, etc.
2. Know how to tweak a site to effectively present itself as a good candidate for ranking on a specific term.
3. Know the basics of link building - neighborhoods, anchor text, etc
4. Know the basics of organizing links and content to be helpful to both people and search engines.
5. Know how to make the content in non-spider-able media like images, sounds, flash, AJAX and so forth available, or to be able to compensate for it.
6. Know how to tweak content and structure (headers, etc) to best present a site to a search engine and a visitor.
7. Be aware of all the major search engines, their demographics and idiosyncrasies. Also be aware of what they have to offer outside of search, and what the connections between the two are.


1. Know how to set up basic AdWords, Yahoo, and MSN search accounts
2. Know how to create and test ad copy and landing pages
3. Know how to analyze the reports and to optimize the results.
4. Know the basics of advertising purchases, including links, banners and other advertising channels
5. Know how to optimize for local search for the major engines

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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Setting up Google AdWords Campaign PPC Account!

Are you looking for a great market for your products and business through online, go for Google Adwords you can find the solution.

This article teaches you to set up Google AdWords campaign in few minutes and start earning money

Google AdWords are PPC(pay per click) ads displayed on the top or right side of google search results.Ads are provided with high traffic keywords(product) with a good description to attract people to click and buy products or visit your site.

Some of the steps to be followed for setting up AdWords

First select a keyword and write a description for the ads to attract the visitors, keyword popularity can be know through "Google AdWords suggestion tool"

Create a google account and login to you can find two option Starter Edition and Standard Edition. Go for Standard one.Now you can setup with selected keywords and description prepared related to products which should attract peoples.Google does not have a straight forward bid charges.Minimum is $30 per month

Allot a minimum bid for a day, test it and find out the clicks for your ads. Gradually increase the bids.Note for each click your bid is going to decrease. This can be tracked by google tracking tool.

When you are new go for only minimum Bid charges, learn and get experience in this game and then fight with competitors with maximum bid and make your business successful.

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