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Friday, May 30, 2008

Best Blog Search Tool

"Technorati a search engine that on real time basis focuses on blogosphere. This search engine does its searches only through the blogs to give its search results."

To search for blogs:

Searching for blogs becomes very easy in Technorati. Just type in your query in the search bar of the Technorati home page and you hit upon the blog results. For advanced searches click on the advanced search option that helps you to search for blogs with more parameters.

Technorati Blog Search Tool Features:

Technorati Blog Finder – a directory of blogs in Technorati, all organized by subject/topic. Browsing can be done category wise. We can even scroll down further the page to see recently added blogs.

Technorati tag feature helps you to get blog results using the topics or topics that bloggers used to describe what they had written. Technorati tracks over 4million tags and top 250 tags are shown in the Technorati tag page, all arranged in the alphabetical order. Bigger the tag text, more popular/active the tag.

Popular – another feature in Technorati that tracks the list of which gets the most buzz in the web. It helps you to see what most of the people are searching for. In addition the top 100 blogs can be viewed using the Top 100 Popular Blogs (– measured by the unique links over a period of last 6months) feature in Technorati.

Want to add your blog to Technorati?

With the help of Claim your blog feature, you can add your blog to the list of blogs in Technorati. By providing some basic information to Technorati you are guided by different options by which you can claim your blog into Technorati. With your blog in Technorati you are at an advantage that millions of people are having a look at your blog.

Personalizing Technorati using Watchlists

You can make your Technorati experience more special by personalizing it with Watchlist – keyword / phrase / URL that you want the Technorati to keep track for you. You can search results within this watchlist. You also have a pop-up window option that helps you to view your watchlist while surfing the net.

An easy and helpful service that produces comparatively better results and gives us a better insight into things in Web. The only worry in Technorati is that the results can get into being spammy at times, and hence they need to focus on this still better for quality search results.

Whatever be the issue, Tehcnorati does prove to be the most recommended blog search engine tool especially for blogosphere.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Promote Your Blog Easy

Simple steps for making your blog visited by people whom you want

Most of the people asks this question "How to Promote Your Blog" in forums, community etc, its simple here, try out this and visit again with feedback

Here the start, be clear with your plan why you have a blog and how to make people interested, some questions below for a start

1. What will your visitor want to get out of your blog?

2. How often can you post a blog?

3. What will you name your blog?

4. How your blog design look like?

Then again, content is a challenger for blogs, the content which gives people what they want, wins the game, it can be on any topic and should be clear and wider, if possible with graphics, You do this, people will definitely visit you again and again for getting information’s, for this we should do some basic ground work as follows to make people to know about your blog

(1) Blog Submissions / RSS Submissions

(2) Write a press release announcing your blog to the world and post to online Resources

(3) Find groups in online and post your Announcement

(4) Post about your blog to Forums

(5) Add to Auto Detect Blog Feeds

(6) Add your blog to Social Bookmarking Sites with interesting titles and make them bookmark

Give people what they want and see the change obviously it will take time, keep watching and do post quality over quantity, then you can expect quantity over your quality posts, thanks for your valuable time for reading the post, do comment and visit again, all the best.

Thanks for your time and support, leave a reply!