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For many years Jagadeesh (Jag) and I were key members of a writers group that produced online content for educational purposes. Jag had an exceptional talent for converting complex concepts into simple, logical and easily understood step-by-step instructions. He was a positive contributor to the team and was always quick to help others in need. Jag's extensive knowledge and application of SEO helped ensure the online content we created ranked high in search engines. I am happy to recommend him to others looking for a team player with a good work ethic and considerable skill in SEO and online content marketing.

- Peter Baskerville, Entrepreneur, Australia

Jagadeesh has shown through his work as forum moderator at Search Engine Watch to be a knowledgeable member of the search space. I am sure anyone who uses his services is getting solid advice.

 - Frank Watson, Director of SEO and SEM at altima° North America

Jag is a true SEO expert and uses ethical techniques and is very easy to work with

 - Anthony Passeri, CEO of Virtual Healthcare Tours, USA

If you want to have a solution for your Internet Marketing needs, then he is the one single stop solution

 - Dhanaraj Sellappan, Sr. Software Engineer at Microsoft, USA

Jags is very knowledgeable, experienced and helpful and helped me a lot when I was pretty new to this industry. Whenever, I had any questions, I messaged him and he greeted me with his lovely smile and helped me out. We have never met face-to-face but it doesn't seems when we actually interact with each other. I am a fan of his blogs and him :)

 - Sharmistha Ray, Digital Marketing & Business Development Manager, India

Jagadeesh is a professional on SEO and he taught me techniques about SEO... .Jagadeesh is very good in training people. I was known nothing in SEO..But he trained me and today i am working as a SEO professional

 - Bharath Ben, Managing Partner at Whitehat Innovations

When you talk about Jag, you talk about qualities, such as "Great Results, Expert, High Integrity". He has proven to be a valuable consultant in the SEO/SEM areas with the rare capability of handling high complexity projects with the best possible results. Jag is a team player, leader and would make a great asset to any organization. Jag is a solution oriented person.

- Sankarnarayan R, Entrepreneur, India

Jagadeesh (Jag) has been a tireless contributor ... not only on Knol but in the wider online community.

He is always there with a ready reply, either for instruction or for praise. He has exceptional talent in his chosen field of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), but more than this, he is a person that values integrity above all else.

Jag has only been on Knol for a short while, but he has found friendship and respect from Knol's most active authors with his demonstrated commitment to the 'greater good'. While I don't share Jag's culture or religion, I was privileged recently to respond warmly to his request to bless his marriage.

Jag and I are founding members of the Knol Publishing Guild, an initiate that we hope will change the course of Knol. Having Jag on the team, we have a real chance of making that dream a reality. If you ever get the chance to have him on your team ... grab the opportunity with both hands.

- Peter Baskerville, Course Facilitator - Entrepreneurship Education at Southbank Institute of Technology, Australia

An adorable and helping Personality. Yes, In his respective field of SEO and other techie areas he is an undisputed expert. His contents are very informative and educative and no doubt it all attributed correctly, and understanding language. Yes, all his knols are written on an academic style that helps the readers/ and even a layman to understand and to learn and adopt it in their daily affairs.

- P V Ariel, A Freelance Writer/Editor, INDIA.

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