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Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Adding Twitter Feed on Website & Blog

Twitter is a one of the place were people look for information other than three search giant Google, Yahoo and Bing (MSN).

By following the below simple 10 steps you can easily setup custom Twitter search results for your query or search keyword in your website that may help your readers.

Make your site interesting with custom twitter search results. Easy way to setup custom twitter search results related to search phrases for your website without the help of widget. Try Now. It's interesting!

Step 1: Visit Twitter Search

Click Twitter Search URL or Copy & Paste to your browser address bar.

Step 2: Use your search term

Now, I would like to display twitter search results for the term "Google". You may try with the same or any other search term you like or something related to your specific page or profile

The result URL would be

Step 3: Select your tweet language

Now the tweets are displayed for all the language. You may selcet your language using the option "Show tweets written in:" right site of the search page. I have selected "English"

The result would be〈=en

Step 4: Select "Feed for this query"

Once you are done you may click on the option "Feed for this query" in top right side of the search page and it looks like image below. Now you have a feed for the search results and language specified

The result URL would be

Step 5: Login Google Feedburner

Now login to Google feedburner using your Gmail account

Step 6: Adding Twitter search results feed

In the Feedburner dashboard you will have an option to paste the tweeter search results feed link in an text box as seen in below

On the next screen you may alter your Feedburner title and feed address and click again next. Now your feedburner would have been created for the specified title and address. You can see a screen as below image

Step 7: Feed Management for Twitter search results

In Feedburner created page you have options to move to next step to configure stats or to skip to feed management page as seen in below screenshot

Step 8: Activation

Now you can click on “Publicize” button and you will be landing to a page "publicize your feed". In this, on left side you can see services listed and from that you can click “Headline Animator”.

Now, you have a page were you can change your theme, colour code, wrap long headlines and font size and click on the Activate button as seen in the below screenshot

Step 9: Selecting Twitter search results display code

Now your "Headline Animator" is ready for your twitter search results. You may select the option select other (just gimme the code) as seen in the screenshot below and click next

Step 10: This is how it looks!

You have the code now. Place it in the website or blog HTML and publish. Now you are done. Your "Custom Twitter Search Results" will look something like below, animating real time twitter search results for your query. Here the search results are displayed for the term "Google".

Google - Twitter Search

Feel free to post your feedback and suggestions in below comment section.