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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

10 Tools to find copy image and content - Ways to fix copy content issue

Now copying web page content has become more common and there has been hard time for Google and other major search engine to find the original content. On many circumstances copy content lists top and original content lists at bottom. To find the copied sites, you can do an advance search on your original text using the double quotes operator ("your text") in Google search box or you can use the below tools,

(1) Find duplicate content and check if your content is original
(2) Find your copyright image that are used in other sites
(3) Plagiarism checking system
(4) Check articles with text and URL
(5) Duplicate content checker with 2 URL's
(6) Find duplicate content with copy & paste original text
(7) Track copy content by pasting or typing your original text
(8) Upload original content and find copy content
(9) Scan for copy content
(10) File and web copy content checker

To solve the copy content issue, you need to contact Google's DMCA agent, for that you can use the form and to mail or fax you can use Mail/Fax Process.