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Saturday, November 13, 2010 is not only a Search Engine; it’s an amazing SEO tool, a new Search Engine that comes up with handy tools for webmasters and SEO's. It is known to be a slashtag search engine. Blekko calls its web crawler as ScoutJet. If you have any pages to be update then you may try and to know about the ScoutJet web crawler, you can visit

Here you start, try with

"" /link - find site backlinks
"" /rank - seo info for a site
"" /seo - shows web data with inbound links, crawl stats, site pages, compare with another site & duplicate content.

Link Builders can make use of a special query to know IBL in order of the most recent link, /link /date

And if you need in real-time feed then add /rss to the query like /link /date /rss

Here is the SEO feature/toolbar from Blekko

Here is a note on slash tag and you may post your experience in my FaceBook page