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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Google's Stunning Growth From Nov 11, 1998 - Oct 12, 2007

We all know Google is one of the major search engine and a great competitor of Yahoo, MSN and so on, but do you know how they where before, here you can see how Google was before and how was their approach before, i have added some selective screen shots below, hope this creates interest in you to know more about Google growth

The screen shot below shows how Google was in 1997 - 1998, Google had special search feature like Stanford and Linux search, and even had option to” Get Google updates monthly" subscription

Egroups was used for Google Search Announcement and discussions

When i looked for the egroups site, its been re-directed to yahoo, hope yahoo acquired egroups :)

In 2000, Google had even displayed total "Search 1,326,920,000 web pages" available, but not now in 2008 :), hope you all know why

Slowly in 2003, Google started showing maturity on design presentations, from the below screen shot you can see the difference in style and Google moved the "Searching 3,307,998,701 web pages" to the copyright area

Now its 2008, Google had grown a lot and become market share leader for the search engine world

I am on dig out :) for Google old functionality, like how Google used to add sites and in what ways, hope i can come up with good interesting information that you all like, if you know more information, please dont hesitate to use comment option :)